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Working Together to Improve Governance and Anticorruption


The Open Society Initiative for Europe announces a call for proposals to support civil society actors working to combat corruption, state capture, and poor governance of public institutions.

Application Deadline:
 May 13, 2020

Across the region, citizens are often faced with public institutions that are unaccountable, corrupt, and undermine democratic processes and the quality of public services. Interventions only focused on monitoring, advocacy, and legal reform have largely proven insufficient to generate positive change. However, we witness promising examples of public sector-civil society collaborations to address these challenges.

We are calling for applications focused on empowering civil society–driven initiatives to increase transparency, accountability, and public participation processes to strengthen public institutions. These initiatives should be implemented in partnership with public institutions at the local, municipal, regional, or national levels, potentially (but not necessarily) also working together with business/private sector stakeholders. They should tackle important governance or corruption challenges and implement solution-oriented and practical approaches to improve the governance of public institutions and their impact on citizens.

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