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OPEN CALL: Boosting Fact-Checking Activities in Europe

Актуално   Срок за кандидатстване: до 28.02.2022 г.

Boosting Fact-Checking Activities in Europe
OPEN CALL until 28 Feb 2022

European Media and Information Fund

This Call aims at supporting projects from independent fact-checking organisations, which play a key role in limiting the negative effects of disinformation on the public discourse and democratic processes. Only individual entities or organisations in a consortium located in the EU, EFTA and UK are eligible.

Eligible applicants

Applicants shall be legal entities employing fact-checkers and abiding by recognized ethical and professional standards (e.g. Code of Principles of the International Fact-Checking Network, deontological Codes for the Journalistic Profession applicable intheir country of establishment, European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity).

Should an applicant not be a signatory to any code, it should explain how it ensures de facto adherence to the ethical and professional standards applicable to the type of activities carried out by its organisation
Proposals from individual entities are eligible if submitted by:
i. Small-sized independent fact-checking and news media organisations with up to 50 employees, and up to € 10 million turnover or € 10 million total balance sheet,
ii. Non-governmental Organisations,
iii. Universities,
iv. Research centres,
v. Educational institutions,
vi. Non-profit organisations.

Proposals from consortia are eligible if submitted by:
i. any of the entities mentioned above under points (i) to (vi),
ii. news media organisations, including for-profit entities of any status or size, on condition that the consortium also integrate one or more entities
mentioned above under points (i) to (vi).